Nearly  25 years ago, Coach Bones began giving one-on-one lessons to high school freshman, Joey Martinez. Not long after,  Joey’s younger brother Javier began training too… while their father (coached in high school by Coach Bones’ dad, Nick Bowness) spread the word about his sons’ progress and who was behind their success.

Javier would get drafted twice in college, eventually signing with the Seattle Mariners. 

Joe would get drafted once in high school, once in college, and ultimately sign with the San Fransisco Giants, and spend 11 years playing professional baseball… including several stints in the Big Leagues.

Along with the Martinez brothers, Coach Bones would go on to train several players whose successes ranged from making the high school varsity as a freshman, moving from ninth to third in the batting order for a high school powerhouse ball club, and playing baseball in college on scholarship. (Softball hitters as well.)

But Then It All Stopped

After 20 years of watching private lessons grow in popularity, Coach Bones saw the shortcomings of one-on-one training. After testing his own version of small group training (see here) he committed all of his efforts in creating a training program that would far exceed the common 30 minute private lesson. Within a short time after opening The LAB, Coach Bones’ Daily Training Packages took over as the training style at the facility. 

There simply wasn’t any time to work one-on-one with ball players.

Enter the Spring of 2022...

March 11 marks the beginning of high school baseball. Right around this date, many spring showcase teams start up as well.  Players are busty “getting after it,” with their school or showcase team, and don’t have the time to train at The LAB like they do in the winter months. (NOTE: LAB players have UNLIMITED access to the facility in the winter months. Many players train between 4-6 times per week.)

So… before the summer training roster fills up, Coach Bones has decided to go back to his roots, and return to giving private lessons in order to:

  • Train players that may not be ready to commit to the daily training format.
  • Work one-on-one with ball players… which admittedly he’s missed!

Dedicated Private Lesson Hours at The LAB in April

While their still are a few Daily Training players coming in later at night after their team practices and games; Private Lessons will the primary focus after school and on Saturdays at The LAB.

Starting on April 01, thirty minute private lessons will be available at The LAB Monday through Friday from 3:30pm to 6:00pm., and late mornings into the afternoon on Saturdays. (Note: 60 minute lessons are available for players looking to work of two skills, as well as player choosing to workout with a partner/teammate.)  Players can chose from either hitting lessons, pitching, fielding, or whichever baseball-related skill they prefer to train.

All players committing to privates with Coach Bones will be required to:

  • Check their confirmation email for the video link that will walk them through the warm up/cool down exercises necessary to begin/end their lesson.
  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early to perform the warm exercises so they do not tae up any of the valuable 30 minutes of training. (Players should also plan for an additional 10-15 minutes to complete the cool down exercises after their lesson is finished.
  • Give their best effort for 30 minutes with Coach Bones!

Commit to Private Lessons Today!

Private lessons will be available for players 10 years old and up. Given the unusual nature of the summer caused by the three month quarantine, their will be no pre-lesson evaluation. We will simply GET AFTER IT ASAP!

Players are welcome to sign up for a single lesson ($55.00), or take advantage of one of the three package options.



New for '22: Every Player YOU Refer... YOU Get an Additional Lesson!

As a way of saying “thank you,” for spreading the word; Coach Bones will tack on an additional lesson for every player you refer!that signs up for any lesson package and mentions your name!

Don't Get Left Behind This Spring!

If you don’t feel completely ready to go this spring, or maybe the season didn’t get off to the start you were hoping for: Training with Coach Bones at The LAB may be exactly what is needed to either knock the rust off your swing, or get you focused back on the positive parts of your game and get you back on track ASAP! Sign Up Today!

(If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Coach Bones at: brian@coachbonesbaseball.com)