When Coach Bones opened The LAB nearly four years ago, he knew that his training programs were above-and-beyond better than traditional private lessons… and head-over-heels better than the majority of “group training” options out there. The only obstacle: convincing dedicated ball players to abandon once-per-week, cookie-cutter lessons, and committing to at least three workouts per week.

Before the first off season was complete, every player knew they were involved in something special.

Every player took advantage of the three programs included in every players’ training format:

  • Coach Bones’ Throwing Program (Originating 15 years earlier that was once mocked but now copied in several training facilities)

  • The LAB’s Hitting Program (Including HitTrax technology, and EXCLUSIVE custom training bats only found at The LAB)

  • Strength and Mobility Training (THE difference maker for all player development) 

Several Training Options to Choose From

While the quarantine robbed ball players of three months of baseball (among other things), the summer time is the time of the year to “get out of the house,” and (Covid-19 regulations permitting) travel. Yes players that worked SO hard in the offseason were now practically starting from square one again. But to expect players to commit every day of their summer vacation – after three months of virtual learning – would be too much to ask for most.

So… Coach Bones has broken down this year’s Summer Training options down in a way that leaves no excuse for players to GET AFTER IT… even if it’s “only” for the few weeks leading up to the start of games this summer.

Take a look at the options below:

Summer 2020 Daily Training Options

Covid-19 Note

During the evening hours of The LAB, a maximum of three players will be allowed in the facility at one time. (All other visitors must not enter the training facility, but are welcome to stay in the waiting area.) In order to go above and beyond in meeting Social Distancing rules, all three players will be separated well beyond the six foot recommendations. One player will be performing their warm up in one area of the facility. One will be with Coach Bones in a cage. The third will be completing their cool down in a separate area of the facility.

Daily Training Monday through Friday

Daily training hours are set up to “beat the heat” of the summer temps, but not asking players to show up at the crack of dawn to GET AFTER IT. 

From Monday through Friday, up to four players will be allowed to schedule every 30 minutes between the hours of 9:00am and 2:00pm. 

Workouts will be geared to:

  • Get players ready for the most important games this summer (scheduled for August).
  • Adjusting intensity levels of workouts depending on players’ practice and game schedules.
  • Making sure pitchers get their work in in between outings, and help speed up the recovery process the day after they throw.
  • Building strength and mobility whether they are playing this summer, or gearing up for Fall Baseball.

Don't Get Left Behind This Summer!

The quarantine certainly made it very difficult on everyone for several reasons. From a baseball standpoint, players were forced to go without baseball for three months. In order to play catch up, teams are moving quickly to get their teams ready to play. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to sharpen your skills before the first game! Sign Up Today!

(If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Coach Bones at: brian@coachbonesbaseball.com)