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March 01

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Fully Customized Training

When players come in to see me for the first time, it doesn't take long for them to say that that they want to hit the ball harder, or throw the baseball faster. Unfortunately, improving their mechanics can go only so far, if they are lacking in general physical strength, or suffering from a muscular imbalance. This is why we have a dedicated area for strength training. As strength develops, a player's ability to make those mechanical adjustments in their swing or throwing technique will become much easier. All players will be assessed and given a custom program designed for them and only them.

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Baseball-Specific Training

The true definition of any sport-specific exercise requires that you mimic not only the specific movement you want to address, but also the environment. For example: At The LAB, hitters will be swinging various tools in order to teach the most powerful and efficient baseball swing, and will very rarely see underhand flips unless they play softball. Pitchers will be mimicking the throwing motion with their own set of tools to best train the arm and body to throw the ball with maximum intent, and will find themselves on the mound (but not necessarily pitching) quite often.

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HitTrax Baseball

When players come in to take swings, I want them to get as much useful information as possible. I don’t want to take a chance on the development of their swing by simply trusting what my eyes believe they see… or what players think they’re doing. I want these hitters to know exactly what’s going on once that bat gets moving.

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Rapsodo Baseball

Using my unique pitcher-specific training methods, we’ll use the Rapsodo device to chart the progress each pitcher has made with both his velocity and off speed pitches. Instead of a pitcher simply thinking he feels the ball coming out of his hand better, he’ll know exactly what “better” feels like and looks like with the information collected by this device.

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I worked with Coach Bowness starting when I was in middle school and continued to work with him throughout my professional career. There are a number of reasons why I chose to work with Coach Bowness over so many years. He allowed me to participate in the instruction. I was not told how to pitch or hit. We worked on expanding my areas of strength while improving on my weaknesses. Also, Coach Bowness always took a responsible approach to development. There was never a session when we didn't warm up and cool down, and he always managed my workload in the context of the bigger picture. Finally, Coach Bowness is always looking for ways to improve himself. He is constantly increasing his knowledge of the game and improving on what he brings to the players he instructs. He expects a certain amount of hard work and respect from his players. His players can expect the same in return.

Joe Martinez

11 year Professional Pitcher


385 Franklin Ave

Unit G

Rockaway, NJ 07866

Customized Baseball Specific Training

Discover the revolutionary new training methods used at The LAB, that blows the doors off traditional private lessons, and will make long-lasting, positive changes to your game…